Why Hire Us

We’ll help you monitor waste, fraud and abuse in your company. You’ll save money. Quite possibly, a lot of money!


Fraud, waste and abuse happen. You read about it every day in the business news. But when it happens in your company, the result can be devastating.

Smart companies anticipate “what if’s”. They’re proactive. They bring in experts. Like us.

Our advisors have worked for federal inspector generals for decades — as internal watchdogs detecting and deterring fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement for the federal government. The results are significant. Last year, OIGs conducted audits, inspections, evaluations and investigations of federal operations that resulted in savings of approximately $54.6 billion.

  • $32.7 billion in potential savings from audit recommendations
  • $21.9 billion from investigative receivables and recoveries

This represents a return of $22 on every dollar invested. 

The Association of Fraud Examiners estimate that the average company loses 5% of their revenue due to fraud. For some companies, this amount could be much larger.

Most companies don’t have access to an independent internal watchdog identifying fraud, waste and abuses. That’s why you need us

Altomonte Advisory Group offers unparalleled experience and expertise. We can help you be proactive……and profitable.  


What It Costs

How much is peace of mind worth when it involves your business? Imagine having to deal with financial fraud and corruption within your company.

Our services will pay for themselves in money saved.

We offer a variety of pricing structures to meet your company’s budgetary needs.

  • Flat fees by project
  • Capped monthly or quarterly fees
  • Traditional hourly rates
  • Incentivized structures where we share the risks and upsides (e.g. lower rates with an upside based on the % of fraud uncovered)
  • Any other fee structure that makes business sense — with only our collective imaginations as the constraint

You can’t control everything that affects the health of your business. But with our years of experience with financial intelligence and fraud security, you CAN be proactive about preventing fraud and corruption.

Our services are by no means inexpensive. But we are fair, efficient and diligent. Your success is our success. We will work with you to make sure the fees reflect the risks associated with a particular project.

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